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Mission Statement

The mission of P.A. Stolypin Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University is to provide the educational, scientific, innovative and consulting competitiveness of the domestic agro-industrial complex on the world markets.

Strategic objectives of the university are:

1. to develop the professional and management potential of the competitiveness in the agricultural sector of the Ulyanovsk region;

2. to stimulate innovative processes and to increase the innovative activity effectiveness in the agricultural sector of the Ulyanovsk region;

3. to develop business activity of the rural population as a prerequisite of the competitiveness of the agricultural sector in the Ulyanovsk region;

4. to renew the cultural development of the rural community.

These identified purposes are fulfilled by means of:

  • The training of highly qualified agricultural specialists with a high standard of professional and social competence and an active citizenship and the necessary of professional capacity implementation: the readiness to take the responsibility, initiative and creativity, managerial skills and communicative competence, striving for high achievements, self-development and self-fulfillment;
  • Improvement of scientific - methodological, technological and methodical base of innovative processes in the agricultural sector;
  • Consultative support for management of the agro-industrial complex, projects and programs of agricultural development in the region
  • Development of educational and science - innovation infrastructure in the agricultural sector of the Ulyanovsk region which meets up-to-date requirements.

In view of the above-stated the strategic areas of the University’s activity are:

  • to develop fundamental and applied scientific schools, active interaction with leading research centers
  • to improve educational technologies, active interaction with leading educational centers
  • to develop the University’s organisational culture, based on the cooperation values, creativity and innovation, high achievements, personal development and self-realization of staff and students;
  • to support the harmonious development of students 'personality, their striving for personal growth and personal fulfillment, to foster moral principles in their business behaviour and civic activity, to develop students' leadership qualities and ability to work in a team, readiness for entrepreneurial activities.
  • to support student government as a management subject of the educational institution;
  • to provide high-quality services to agricultural organizations and governing boards in the agro-industrial complex of the Ulyanovsk region in order to improve their efficiency, to offer educational and informational - consulting support of the government programs for the agricultural development in the Ulyanovsk region.

The university’s motto is “Agricultural education is your path to success”